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What to Do When a Union Calls

Last week we posted a blog that discussed how employers with and those without unionized workforces should prepare for a union’s response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Click here to view the blog. This blog discusses what an employer with a

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Supreme Court Says Obama Overstepped Authority with Three NLRB Recess Appointments

Today, the Supreme Court issued a long-awaited decision addressing the question of whether three recess appointees to the NLRB passed Constitutional muster.   These three NLRB members  were appointed by President Obama during a three-day recess in the middle of a

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NLRB Cracking Down on No-Taping Policies

It is well-established that the NLRB has been aggressively litigating cases involving social media policies and employees terminated for making disparaging comments online. Recently, however, the NLRB has expanded its reach even further into employee handbooks and have staked out

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President Obama Targets Equal Pay

On April 8, President Obama issued two executive orders which will impact employers who do business with the federal government. First, the President made it unlawful for contractors to retaliate against employees who discuss their pay. Second, the President ordered the

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NLRB Rules that College Football Players Can Unionize

Under the Obama administration, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has taken some radical positions, but its newest decision makes clear that all bets are off in the second term.  The Regional Director of the NLRB office in Chicago ruled

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Fifth Circuit Rules Class Action Waivers Are Lawful

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals (the federal appeals court with jurisdiction over Texas) struck a blow to the National Labor Relations Board’s attempt to outlaw mandatory class action waivers for employees.  On December 3, 2013 the Court over-ruled the

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Federal Government Shutdown – Who is Open?

With the federal government mired in an extended shut down, I thought it would be interesting to take stock of which agencies are working and which are not in case you have an ongoing investigation and are wondering whether a

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